Holiday Tips for Healthy Teeth

17th of December, 2018

Most of us love holiday time. It is a great time for busy parents to relax with their  family and loved ones.  For some, holidays are stressful and challenging. It is important to stay on track with fitness and health routines even on holidays…

Are you getting enough sleep?

13th of September, 2018

Constant travel for business and leisure is a familiar feature of expat life in Singapore. Some of us with families even feel exhausted after the summer holiday. With time zone differences and constant sleep interruption it’s easy to feel you are not getting enough…

How important is choosing a great Dentist?

28th of July, 2018

It’s important to choose a great dentist before you’re in pain. It seems obvious that it is important to have a dental practice you can trust caring for you and your family. Yet many people wait until they have pain before investigating a dentist….

Back to School Aesthetics Packages

25th of July, 2018

Holiday fun can really take its toll on your face.   Why not refresh your face and your smile with our Back to School Aesthetics package? Choose from the following aesthetic packages: Intense  Whitening + Botox 1 area (ie forehead) $900 Intense  Whitening + Botox…

Regular dental visits can cut down on pain in the long term

31st of May, 2018

Don’t be a statistic! Globally, we are finding that adults are neglecting to visit the dentist and ignoring pain. According to a recent American survey, 33% of unplanned dental visits  are due to pain in the mouth. This can often be avoided by regular…