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Don’t be a statistic! Globally, we are finding that adults are neglecting to visit the dentist and ignoring pain.

According to a recent American survey, 33% of unplanned dental visits  are due to pain in the mouth. This can often be avoided by regular check ups and a good oral care routine.

Whilst over in the United Kingdom, a survey by the insurer Bupa Dental Care revealed that more than 2 million UK adults have confessed to not visiting a dentist in over 10 years, with more than a third admitting that they ignore any dental pain or mask it with pain killers. The survey also revealed that a quarter of Brits will skip brushing their teeth if they are in a hurry and a third stated they have never flossed or visited the hygienist.

More than half of American adults (57 percent) have made an unplanned visit to the dentist, according to a recent national survey from Delta Dental.

Many of these unplanned visits might be avoided with a regular dental checkup routine and a few simple changes to your daily routines. The dental hygienist or oral health therapist is a vital resource for both patients and dental surgeons.

Dental hygienists focus on preventative oral care which allows dental surgeons to concentrate on restorative and surgical treatment. Hygienists ensure patients keep their mouths healthy and clean to minimize the risk of expensive dental treatment resulting from gum disease and tooth decay. Dental hygienists can help you establish a dental care routine and alert the dentists to any potential problems. Visiting the hygienist and dentist regularly can help you to avoid pain in the long term. Contact us for more information at info@expatdental.com




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