Each year the Australian Dental Association reviews the oral health of Australian adults and provides a ‘report card’ and goals for the next reporting period. These goals are developed in line with data gathered globally and is consistent with the World Health Organization Action Plan to prevent chronic diseases across the globe.

Poor oral care for young people often leads to poor health outcomes later in life. It can lead to pain and disease. It can affect participation in community and employment and impact negatively on one’s quality of life*.

At Expat Dental our providers believe that good oral care goes hand in hand with overall good health. Oral health problems can often be a signpost of other health problems. That is why regular check ups are so important. If you would like any information about oral health problems or have any concerns, please contact us via email on info@expatdental.com or by calling +65 63976718.






*Source: https://www.ada.org.au/Dental-Professionals/Australia-s-Oral-Health-Tracker/Australia-s-Oral-Health-Tracker-Adults/ADA_AHPC_oralhealthtracker2018_adults_08032018

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